Pre Order T-Shirt

We have had many attendees tell us they have never had the good fortune to win a T-shirt at an EdCamp raffle.   If you aren't feeling lucky about the EdCamp Oshkosh raffle or just want to ensure that you receive a shirt in your size, have we the perfect solution -- pre order your shirt!

For $10.00, you can get your own EdCamp Oshkosh T-shirt! Available in Adult size Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, 2XL, and 3XL, these stylish shirts will make you the envy of folks back home. Simply fill in the form below and bring your $10 on the day of EdCamp and your shirt will be waiting!  If you have questions, contact one of your organizers for more details.

edcamp Oshkosh T-shirt

To pre-order your shirt, select the appropriate size in the form below. Please use Gildan's sizing chart when making your selection.  Shirts ordered after 12:00 noon on July 24 will require an additional shipping charge!

Sizing Chart

 Chest Size
 36 S
 40 M
 44 L
 48 XL
 52 2XL
 56 3XL

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